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500 people

20 Initatives

The Idea

HerzAuf!stand is inspiration, exchange and encouragement for a life in which inner change goes hand in hand with outer change. Various initiatives and individuals introduce themselves and present their work in lectures, workshops, panel discussions, as exhibitors, etc. Together we conduct research on questions such as: How can I, as a shaping member of this society, realise a sustainable future for all people? What types of activism and political engagement exist and what matches my abilities and needs? How can I combine self-care and world-care in my life?

Interactive spaces such as the „Ort des offenen Ohres“ (Place of the Open Ear) and the „Konsum-Frei-Raum“ (Space free of consumption) invite you to exchange ideas and the „Insel der Ruhe“ (Island of Peace) invites you to silence. Everybody can join in with the Mitmachbufett (join-in-buffet), live translation and childcare, in order to participate in different ways. In the morning there will be offers for self-care like meditation and yoga, in the evening there will be interactive panel discussions, poetry and music.

This exhibition and space for researching is created with the accompanying themes: free of exchange logic, vegan, ecological, solidarity and drug-free


We are humans full of ideas, dreamers, sparks, accomplishers, educational bandits, utopians, world changers… and realise the HerzAuf!Stand in cooperation with the project and action network living utopia.


This photo contains the program overview, which shows the following graphically:
Friday at 6 p.m. there will be admission to the hall, where lectures and poetry will take place on stage, followed by a dance wave with Djane.
On Saturday at 9 am there will be a morning program in all rooms. After that, there will be an exhibition, an exchange and a buffet in the hall until 5.30 p.m., while there will be workshops, lectures and interactive rooms in the seminar rooms. 17.30-19.30 all meet for dinner and reconstruction in the hall, where there will be performance and interactive panel discussion on stage, followed by a dance wave.
On Sunday at 9 a.m. there will again be a morning programme in all rooms. After that, there will be workshops, lectures and interactive rooms in the seminar rooms until 2 pm. There is no hall on Sunday, but there is a vision room. 14-16 o’clock is a common conclusion meal.

In this picture a human makes a handstand in front of a powerful sunset. Next to him there’s written an excerpt of Dalai Lama:  „The planet does not need more ’successful people‘. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.“

Here you can ...

… experience your potential and effectiveness as a shaping member of this society.

… join other people on a research trip in discussions, games, workshops and more and talk about your experiences, what you learned, your thoughts, feelings and much more.

… share and widen your perspectives on the diverse, creative types of activism & political engagement: resistance, exchange, utopia.

… get to know and introduce methods and tools of self-care in order to heal traumatic experiences in yourself and be able to make an impact in the long term.

… experience how the connection between inner and outer change, self-care and world- care, awareness and energy empower you.

… network with exciting initiatives, projects and people to create a large network for inner and outer change together.

There are 17 workshops and 3 keynote speeches, which will be briefly presented at the event  before the start, as well as 5 different self-care spaces each morning and evening. Here you can browse through the descriptions:

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